Kindness Bands


Be a hero every day through little acts of kindness!



“Remember, the happiest people are not the ones getting more, but those giving more.”
– H. Jackson Browne, Jr.

Museum Friends –

One of my greatest passions is the power of kindness. We live in a world of too much stress, hurt, anger, isolation, and struggle. As much as anything else, what we need is more basic human kindness. The simplest act of kindness can change someone’s life.

As we go through life, we are afforded many opportunities to show our humanity through kindness. If you Google ‘acts of kindness’ you will find lists that include hundreds of things any of us can do. Pay for someone’s drink at a store, help someone cross the street, offer a kind word, send someone a note to tell them you are thinking about them. It need not take much time, and the results are often significant.

A few years back, I started wearing the wrist band pictured to remind me to perform three acts of kindness every day. People would regularly ask me where they could get the wrist band, so eventually, I had a bunch of them made.

If you would like a wrist band, simply send me $5, and I will send you one. The $5 covers my cost.

Be a hero every day through little acts of kindness!

Note: Special Thanks to April Ray Creative for creating this web page for free to support this grassroots effort.


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