The Goal of Marketing is Communicating with A Receptive Audience

You work at an art museum that is one block away from the largest annual event in your town. The event is a car show, and hundreds of thousands of people attend every year. In past years, your museum has spent significant money attempting to market to this audience in a variety of different ways, thinking that they are only a block away, so it is a huge opportunity.

This is a common marketing error. The goal of marketing is to communicate a message to people that want to hear it and are likely to respond positively and take action. Just because people are nearby, does not mean that they are interested in your offering. When organizations try to shotgun market to large general audiences, they most often end up with limited results, and even if they do see some response, it never comes close to the cost in money and time it took to do the promotion. As Seth Godin has said on several occasions, “Don’t yell to the masses, whisper to a few.”

By Frank Bennett,

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